Apr 01

Website updates

The NC HEARS website will soon be updated with a new layout, to include additional information about:

  • History and system overview page, including info about each site & photos
  • Use guidelines of NC HEARS
  • EchoLink info page (how-to guide, etc)
  •  Our on-demand connection with SC HEART
  • A printable “pocket-guide” (.pdf) of system sites / frequencies / PLs

These additions / improvements will take some time, so please be patient.

Please also check out our linking partner to the north, the 3 Dog Repeater Group at http://discoverfinearts.com/3drg/

Also find our southern linking partner, SC HEART at http://scheart.us

Meanwhile if you have a specific question about NC HEARS, please send a message to:   info@nchears.org


HEARS Repeaters on Google Maps


This map shows all the HEARS amateur radio repeaters.

Green w/ dot – Analog repeater, ON AIR & LINKED
Green w/out dot – Analog repeater, ON AIR, not linked

Blue tower – DMR repeater, ON AIR & LINKED

Purple – Future repeater

Red – Temporarily OFF AIR

Nov 26

Fisher Peak/Mt Airy & Virginia Link


The link radios at Fisher Peak have been replaced and for the time being, we will be linking full-time to the 3 Dog Repeater group repeaters in Virginia.

We have some positive news, and a few new sites that we can’t wait to share with everyone, and will be doing just that once everything is solidified!

73’s Every one and Happy Holidays


Mar 16

NC HEARS Net Suspended.

Due to several issues with various repeaters, please discontinue the nightly net immediately.  There are issues at several sites that could potentially cause either net control or others trying to check into the net to not be heard system wide.

We’re working on a plan to get everything back up and running the way it should.  Once the sites are back to normal, we’ll resume some net activities.  Thanks and extra thanks to those who have continued to help as net control.