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We have set up a PayPal account to accept donations. Any donation is completely voluntary – there is still no membership fee or dues to utilize the HEARS network.   If you’re able to help out now, in the future, or both it will be appreciated.  If you wish to donate but don’t have PayPal, simply send an email to and we will give you the address to mail your donation. All funds collected will strictly be used to maintain the HEARS network beginning July 1, 2016.

For more info on what it takes to build & maintain a repeater network like HEARS, please visit the Support HEARS page.

Thank you.

HEARS Repeaters on Google Maps


This map shows all the HEARS amateur radio repeaters.

Green w/ dot – ON AIR & LINKED (NC)
Green w/out dot – ON AIR, not linked (NC)

Teal w/ dot – ON AIR & LINKED (VA)
Teal w/out dot – ON AIR, not linked (VA)

Red – Temporarily OFF AIR


Jun 23

Farmville On The Air !

With the help of HEARS System Integrator Tucker WG8E, the Farmville UHF and VHF repeaters were connected to the link Saturday evening.

The Farmville UHF 444.325 repeater is linked full-time to HEARS.  The Farmville VHF 146.910 repeater is linked for the nightly net, but otherwise is a stand-alone repeater.  It can be linked if needed.


May 21

Roanoke Poor Mtn 444.175 repeater

The Roanoke Poor Mtn 444.175 repeater is now using DPL 712.  Please update your radio programming to use DPL (DCS) code 712 for this repeater.

Most of the VA repeaters have been updated to DPL 712.  The one exception is the Clifton Forge 444.375 repeater.  It will be changed this summer.


Feb 04

Martinsville update

The Martinsville 444.875 repeater has been updated and is now using DPL 712.

The Martinsville hospital 443.300 repeater is temporarily off the air for maintenance.  We plan to put it back on the air later in 2018.


Nov 18

VA Repeater tone change

Due to interference issues with upside-down repeaters in Maryland, we are making a tone change to the VA repeaters.  Most VA repeaters will transition to DPL 712.  Several repeaters have already been changed this month.  As repeaters are updated, so is the info on the website sidebar.

PL 167.9 will remain for the next few months during the transition, but please update your radio programming to reflect the new DPL tone.

We hope this change will resolve this issue completely.