HEARS Repeater Network transitioning to DMR


Throughout 2021 the HEARS Repeater Network will move many of the existing UHF analog repeaters to DMR. Some new DMR repeaters are also planned (more info as plans progress).

The analog network has served us well for over 15 years. DMR will provide additional repeater capacity (local and wide-area talk groups) and will give the network administrators better control over the infrastructure which is spread many miles apart across three states.

We are also partnering with DMRVA and NC4ES (Eastern Healthcare Preparedness Coalition) to significantly expand amateur radio communication capability. Certain talk groups on certain repeaters will pass to each network. Please refer to the DMR Talk group page for additional details.

As with any project of this size & scope, plans may change along the way. We will update the website often with pertinent information.


HEARS Repeaters on Google Maps


This map shows all the HEARS amateur radio repeaters.

Green w/ dot – Analog repeater, ON AIR & LINKED
Green w/out dot – Analog repeater, ON AIR, not linked

Blue tower – DMR repeater, ON AIR & LINKED

Purple – Future repeater

Red – Temporarily OFF AIR

Apr 11

Poor Mtn connectivity update

We are still monitoring the IP connectivity at the Poor Mtn hub site. It has been relatively stable today, but that could change.

If the connection becomes unstable again, the nightly net may not be heard on every repeater in the system. A net may be called, but the repeater you are using may not be connected.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work with the ISP to stabilize the connection.


Apr 03

Poor Mtn connectivity

There are some connectivity issues at the Poor Mtn hub site. This hub site connects the VA repeaters and is the connection back to the NC repeaters as well. This will continue to affect the nightly net until I can get to the site and determine the root cause.



Jun 23

Farmville On The Air !

With the help of HEARS System Integrator Tucker WG8E, the Farmville UHF and VHF repeaters were connected to the link Saturday evening.

The Farmville UHF 444.325 repeater is linked full-time to HEARS.  The Farmville VHF 146.910 repeater is linked for the nightly net, but otherwise is a stand-alone repeater.  It can be linked if needed.