Oct 08

NC HEARS link to VA 3 Dog Repeater Group

NC HEARS is now linked to 3 states on the weekends!

The 3 Dog Repeater Group in VA is now linked to NC HEARS for the regular weekend link ( 5 PM Friday to 9 PM Sunday).

For a list of all the sites on the UHF weekend link, please see this web link.


73’s & Have a good weekend!


Oct 01

EmComm activity on NC HEARS this weekend.

Greg Hauser, W3FIE, is on the NC coast and assisting with communications related to the flooding in Brunswick County, NC and surrounding area.  You may here him connecting via EchoLink and contacting stations back in Charlotte.  Please give Greg’s traffic priority this weekend.

If you’re having a QSO and you hear him connect, please acknowledge him and see if he has traffic to pass.

Thanks and have a good weekend.