Jul 07

VA hub repeater – low audio issue resolved


The headline says it all.  The issue discovered last evening has been resolved.  Thanks for your patience.



Pictured here is a resident we encountered as we left the mountain Sunday evening.  Also pictured is the sign at the very path he crossed on the road.  According to the sign, he had the right-of-way.  🙂


Jul 06

VA Repeater Updates

Here are some updates to the VA HEARS repeaters:

The 444.475 Tinker Mtn repeater has been aligned and PM’ed.  If you talk on the Tinker repeater you may hear both courtesy tones.  I’m working to resolve this issue.

The 444.275 CHRV repeater is in stand-alone mode due to a link radio issue.  No ETA on adding 444.275 back to the link.

The 444.175 Poor Mtn repeater is back online after a much needed tune-up.  I think you’ll notice improved coverage from this repeater.  Feel free to post any coverage reports as replies to this post.

There is an audio issue on the VA hub repeater that is causing some system audio to sound low and muffled.  We know what the issue is and hope to have it resolved this coming week.

Next up is an alignment and update to the Warm Springs Mtn repeater near Clifton Forge, hopefully in the next month or two.

This is a long, time-consuming process – thanks for your patience as we try to improve the VA side of the link system.  Thanks also to Tucker Sizemore, WG8E for spending the holiday weekend helping to align the VA sites.  His expertise has been instrumental since the first HEARS repeater was installed in NC.  We wouldn’t have a sustained, well-maintained and awesome sounding repeater system without his help.


Jun 27

Roanoke 444.175 Temporarily off-line

The Roanoke Poor Mtn 444.175 repeater is temporarily off-line for repair.  There is no ETA for restoration as there is a lot of work to be done to get the repeater operational again.

When the Poor Mtn repeater is back on-line, we’ll update the website.


Jun 16

CLT 444.175 repeater off-line

The Charlotte 444.175 MHz repeater is temporarily off-line.  There is no ETA on restoration, but indications are it will be at least 30 days.

If you normally use the Charlotte repeater, you might try the Mint Hill or York, SC repeater.

As soon as the Charlotte repeater is back on-line, we’ll update the website.


May 16

Chris Linker, N4YMO SK


Early this morning Chris Linker N4YMO passed away at the age of 53. Chris was not only a great friend & mentor, but was instrumental in the initial HEARS project & the Concord HEARS repeaters. Chris recently retired from the City of Concord as the Emergency Communications Director. He was very active in many aspects of communications and public safety throughout his life.

Many of us had the opportunity to work with Chris Linker on various projects & communications drills over the years.  Chris had a very calm demeanor and a wealth of communications knowledge that will be missed.

Please keep the family and his many friends in your thoughts and prayers this weekend.