3DRG, Mike Knight, K4IJ SK

After several months of battling significant heart problems, I’m saddened to report the passing of Mike Knight, K4IJ last evening.  Mike was very instrumental in the design & implementation of the Virginia Three Dog Repeater System.  Mike worked closely with several of us to link the Three Dog Repeater system to NC HEARS.  Mike was only 45 years old.


Mike’s passionate involvement in Amateur radio in the New River Valley of VA was obvious to all that knew him, either in person or on the air.  He worked with hospitals & emergency preparedness organizations to promote amateur radio as back-up communications and also taught ham radio license classes for technician, general and Morse code.  He was a ham’s ham, passing his knowledge to others and truly promoting the hobby.

Mike was also a well known voice in broadcast radio, an industry he truly loved.

Mike is survived by his wife of 25 years, Sharon; his mother Margaret & many other friends & family.

Please join me in keeping his friends & family in your thoughts & prayers in the coming days.

73s one last time Mike, K4IJ, from all your friends at NC HEARS.




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  1. Hey gang, I don’t think I know any of you, but I was shocked to stumble upon the news of Mike Knight’s October passing this evening. I went to Virginia Tech in 1983 and got to know Mike, then N4HYO, while doing some ham demonstrating at Blacksburg High School. Mike and I became pretty good friends, but fell out of touch when I moved back home to Richmond a couple of years later. I lived in Lynchburg for about a year in 1994-95 and we got reacquainted, if only on 2 meters, running into each other every few weeks. We always pledged we’d get back together for a Field Day or some other event. Even though I’ve operated several Field Days from as close as Mt. Rogers, our plans never materialized. So while our friendship was at most sporadic, I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Mike since our friendship was almost as long as I’ve been in the hobby myself.

    It’s been a half-hour since I read your kind eulogy and I’m still sitting here in shock; I’m only 48 myself. But I felt the need to share this with some folks who knew him and while these memories are fresh on my mind. If anybody else there remembers me, they’ll know me by my original call, KA4RQB. I upgraded to Extra and took the vanity call K4CMD in 2001. I hope you guys can keep all of Mike’s projects running now that he’s gone! He was a big guy with a big heart and a lot of energy. We need more hams like Mike was. You are so right saying “he was a ham’s ham.” God bless you all.

    If it’s possible, can you let me know where Mike was laid to rest? One of these days I’ll make good on my plans and pay the OM a visit.


    Meade Daffron, K4CMD
    Midlothian (suburb of Richmond), VA

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