444.875 Chestnut Knob repeater on-air near Martinsville

Due in large part to significant help from Tucker WG8E, the 444.875 Chestnut Knob repeater is on-air near Martinsville, VA and linked to the VA network.

Cursory testing performed this evening shows mobile coverage north to the Henry/Franklin Co line on US 220, south to near the Greensboro airport, and west to Stuart.  Coverage along 220 in Franklin County is very sporadic due to the rolling hills.

This is the first addition to the Virginia side of the network in many years.  Our plans include adding the VHF & UHF repeaters at Farmville before the end of 2017, if weather & schedules allow.

Feel free to post any coverage reports for the new 444.875 Chestnut Knob repeater as a new post to this site.

Thanks & 73.

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