Website Changes/Updates

Did you know NC HEARS is on Facebook?  Click on the icon and it will take you to the Official Facebook page.  Be sure to add the group and share it with your ham radio friends.

I’ve also started making some changes to the website.  Those changes so far are;

1. New calendar added.  Will be adding Net Control operators on the nights they are scheduled to call the 9:30 nightly net.  The calendar will be available soon for everyone to see who’s calling the net on a certain night, or an event coming up. If you would like an event added to the calendar, please contact either KD4ADL, WG8E, or myself K4KGB.

2. NC HEARS is now mobile.  You can view the page updates from your mobile phone browser.  Works with the following mobile smartphones; Android, CUPCAKE, bada, blackberry 9800, blackberry9500, blackberry9520, blackberry9530, blackberry9550, dream, iPhone, iPod, incognito, s8000, webOS, webmate. So give it a try and see how you like it.

Other features are being planned and we’ll update as those become available.


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